PMDC Motor

PMDC Motor

PMDC Motor

All the heart of our DC Motor line up are many size of our versatile PMDC motor. These range in output from 0.5 HP to 3 HP, Base speed 300 Rpm to 5000 Rpm. Operating Voltage 12 v, 24v, 48v, 220v for DC for same range.





Range of Permanent Magnet DC Motors:

• Torque: 1 KGCM up to 50 KGCM
• Speed: 300 up to 5000 rpm
• Power: 0.5 HP to 3.0 HP
• Voltage: 12V to 220 V DC

Standard Features of Permanent Magnet DC Motors:

• Totally enclosed type construction
• Pre-lubricated sealed imported bearings on both the ends of shaft
• Dynamically balanced Rotors
• Compact and light weight
• Steel body protected against corrosion.
• F- Class insulation standard
• Connection through flying Leads/Terminal Box

PMDC Motor used in:

• Robotics Projects
• Electric Vehicles
• Electric Bicycle
• Automation Sectors